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OpenTalk is the right place for you to get assisted with all your issues. Here, we have a vast team of experienced and well-qualified counselors to help you restore your mental health. No issue is too big for the experts to help you with. Their expertise in counseling and professional approach to work qualifies them as the right helpers.

Type of Issues You Can Get Help With From Online Therapy

People face different types of challenges that might require them to seek out online therapy. There are different types of therapy as a result, and we have highlighted the most common types.

Relationship Counseling

At times, relationships become tough, and individuals have to seek out the help they need to save relationships and maintain healthily. However, counselors might be hard to find in some areas. That’s why OpenTalk offers online counseling services where you voice your issues and receive advice that might save your relationship.

Couples Counseling

Partners both have to be involved for their relationship to work. Couples counseling is a great way for partners to identify challenges that their relationship faces and ways to save it. Being in therapy together shows commitment towards preserving the marriage or relationship. Being counseled together creates a strong bond between partners.

Individual Therapy

Individuals go for counseling due to different reasons. It is mostly because they want to discuss various personal issues that they aren’t comfortable discussing with their friends, family, or significant others. It might be about their childhood or issues they face currently.

Loss and Grief Counseling

Loss affects everyone at some point in their lives, and dealing with it can be tough. Losing a loved one inspires different forms of reactions depending on the person. Grief counseling involves more than just death. It might represent the end of a relationship, job loss, financial loss, and even loss of friends. OpenTalk offers a safe place to discuss any loss in a healthy way that helps people cope.

Career Counseling

Careers can be stressful, and some decisions are too challenging for people. People struggle to find a career that truly suits them. Many people often think about switching careers but never go through with it because they don’t explore their feelings about their jobs. OpenTalk online counseling helps individuals figure out the best career paths for them and everyone else involved in their lives.

Self Esteem Therapy

Self-esteem greatly influences one’s mental health. Low self-esteem is associated with challenges such as eating disorders, addictions, codependence, social anxiety, and others. Low self-esteem might contribute to depression and sometimes even self-harm. Online psychological counseling offers people with self-esteem issues a fighting chance and improves their attitudes and, by extension, their lives.

Emotional Abuse Therapy

People who have experienced emotional abuse need a safe place where they can heal and find emotional release. Many people who experience emotional abuse tend to keep it to themselves because face to face counseling might not fit their schedules. However, receiving counseling online in their preferred environment helps them heal emotionally.

How Does It Work?

Online counseling is quite easy to get started. First is the initial consultation. Here, a client decides whether counseling is for them before they commit. The potential client highlights some of the challenges they might be facing to see whether experts specialize in providing the assistance they need.

From there, a client finds the right counselor for them. When seeking counseling online, there are a variety of counselors to choose from. Licensed therapists have different levels of experience and even specialize in different issues. So, a client has to select a skilled counselor to handle the specific issues a client is facing and provide the necessary recommendations.

Choosing a counseling specialist is an important step because a client needs to ensure they are comfortable talking to the person they select. One should feel at ease and able to open up to them to acquire the assistance they need. Having the right therapist greatly influences the success of counseling in helping individuals get through their challenges.

Finally, a client begins sessions according to their availability and using their preferred mode of communication. Some clients prefer video calls, while others opt for phone calls.

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Great Benefits of Acquiring Counseling Online

Acquiring online counseling services has some reliable perks for clients. Opentalk offers some great benefits compared to face to face therapy. Here are some we have compiled.


OpenTalk offers reliable rates to clients, which are significantly cheaper compared to normal therapy. In-person counseling experts charge from $150 per hour, which might be steep for some people. So, OpenTalk offers a more reliable option.

Quality Care

Clients receive access to various licensed online therapists who have enough experience in helping patients with different issues. OpenTalk offers high-end professionalism and genuinely cares about helping clients get better.

Up-Front Cost Estimates

Aside from the fact that our counseling services are cheaper, OpenTalk offers clients a cost estimate upfront. Individuals are provided with the chance to prepare for the total cost of the services they receive. There are no hidden costs later on.


Online video and call therapy offers a lot of convenience for clients. For one, it eliminates the need to travel. Patients have the freedom to have their sessions from anywhere, where they feel comfortable. Scheduling sessions are also convenient, and clients choose when they are available.

Easy to Use

OpenTalk promotes convenience, and hence, using the online service has been made very easy. Navigation is quite simple, and clients can easily schedule sessions with online psychologists without external assistance.

What It Entails and How It Can Benefit You

Online therapy or telehealth is a form of counseling whereby couples discuss their issues and talk about their feelings with licensed therapists remotely. It involves the use of phone calls or video calls. Teletherapy offers more flexibility compared to traditional counseling in terms of scheduling and location. People seek out online therapy as individuals and as couples depending on the issues they intend to manage.

Clients get to choose comfortable locations for the sessions. It makes it possible for individuals who are limited in mobility to acquire counseling without leaving their homes. Online therapy also makes it easy to select the right counselor for a client. It is by offering various experts to choose from without having to schedule in-person meetings with each to decide.

Online Therapy: Reviews From Satisfied Users

OpenTalk assists many individuals struggling with mental health and other issues that can be resolved with online therapy. We have received some encouraging feedback from our clients over the years. Here is more proof that online psychological counseling might be what you need.


‘Since my first session at OpenTalk, I have been gradually improving my attitude, and it has changed my life.’


‘It is worth your time. I have been able to get through some tough times thanks to their online therapists. They’re legit.’


‘So, I’ve only had a few sessions, and I can say it is going well; their counselor is great and makes every session count.’


‘I was skeptical about online counseling at first, but after my first session, I think it might work out for me.’


‘It is worth trying. It fits well into my schedule, and I am always motivated to be the best version of myself after each session. The service is the real deal.’

Frequently Asked Questions

As a reliable counseling service, we value your questions and always aim to provide the answers you need to decide on whether OpenTalk Is the service for you. Here are some of the commonly asked questions from clients and what you need to know about the online service.

How Do I Communicate With the Online Counselor?

Communication largely depends on the client. Some clients prefer video calls, while others are more comfortable with telephone calls. So, you will choose between the two depending on whichever works at your convenience.

How Does the Service Select a Therapist for Me?

Online therapists are chosen using an algorithm that matches clients with the best fit after consultation. It is based on factors such as areas of specialty, experience, and other important factors. Clients are always free to switch counselors.

Is Online Therapy Covered by Insurance?

Some insurance companies cover online therapy. Therefore, it best to discuss it with your insurance provider to learn if they can cover the sessions.

When Does Online Therapy Last?

You can use it until your package expires. Besides, if you feel you require more help, you can add counseling sessions. Therefore, you can use the service until you feel your mental health has been restored or overcame the troubling issue.

What Is the Process for Obtaining Online Therapy?

First, you go through an initial consultation to explore the assistance you might need. From there, you will then find a suitable counseling specialist based on your judgment and then begin your session after scheduling an appropriate time.

What Is the Cost for Counseling?

OpenTalk is relatively cheap and affordable for many people. The service offers great value for money, and clients always get the assistance they need. So, if in-person therapy prices are too steep for you, OpenTalk is your best solution.

Is There an Age Restriction for Teletherapy?

You don’t have to be 18 to see an online therapist. However, you do need consent from your guardian and the parties responsible for the payment. People start therapy quite early and still in their childhoods, and it helps them handle issues they are facing at specific ages.

Am I Safe When Acquiring Online Therapy?

Yes, client information remains confidential, and the therapists abide by the Health insurance portability and accountability act guidelines. The information that clients disclose is also protected under the guidelines.

Rely on Us for Quality and Affordable Counseling

Whatever issue is troubling you, expert counselors are here, ready to help you handle it appropriately. You’ll choose your preferred time for attending the counseling sessions, and the rates will be affordable. Try our online service!

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