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Are you looking for emotional abuse counseling online? Perhaps you or someone you know need to talk to a professional about their relationships issues. We provide therapy that addresses emotional abuse and its effects on the individual. OpenTalk is an online therapy service that connects you to licensed mental health professionals. We have a variety of counselors for you to choose from. At an affordable price, we get you the support you need to deal with emotional abuse. Find out more about us below.

What Is Emotional Abuse Therapy?

Emotional abuse treatment involves identifying and modifying unhealthy mindsets that one may have as a result of abuse. A therapist tries to help the victim recognize when they are being abused, and learn how to protect themselves. Because emotional abuse is hard to notice, victims often blame themselves for it.

An emotional abuse victim is unable to tell whether he or she is being abused because there is no blatant aggression. In some cases, low self-esteem causes victims to think they deserve what they get from their partner. They might even think they imagined it in the case of gaslighting. The purpose of therapy is to help victims to realize when they are making excuses for their abusers.

To bring this realization, therapy involves behavior modification. A licensed counselor helps the victim to change their mindset and develop healthy behaviors. The professional reassures them that it is not their fault and that they should not apologize for their abuser’s actions. Most importantly, he or she introduces coping mechanisms that prevent victims from falling back to enabling behavior.

As a result of therapy, victims overcome the trauma caused by emotional abuse. They can lead happy, fulfilling lives because they have a healthy mindset. When done by a professional, emotional abuse therapy significantly improves the quality of life for the victims.

How Does Emotional Abuse Counseling Work?

At OpenTalk, we have three steps for you to follow when you need treatment for emotional abuse. Once you sign up, you go through these three stages:


Initial consultation

The initial consultation is necessary to find you a good match. We ask questions that give us insight into your mental health history. Giving us accurate answers helps us to understand what you are looking for in a counselor.

Getting matched with a therapist

Our therapy website has many licensed counselors who have worked with victims of emotional abuse. We do our best to match you with a suitable professional based on your initial consultation. However, we may not always find a perfect match on the first attempt. This is why we let you find your counselor by asking for a replacement.

Start online therapy session

To get started, you must book a therapy session. Find out which of our therapists are available and set a convenient time. Your online therapy starts when you are ready.

Benefits of Our Counseling Service

Getting therapy for emotional abuse is beneficial because it helps overcome the trauma. When you come to OpenTalk, you get access to licensed counselors. Below are some benefits of our emotional abuse therapy service.

Affordable Prices

We are fairly priced to fit into your budget. Everyone deserves mental health services, and we do our best to make ours accessible to all. Looking for an instant quote? Fill out our form to know how much your session costs.

Quality Care

All our counselors are licensed to provide mental health services. They are qualified in different areas of psychology. Under their care, you get high-quality treatments for emotional abuse. Their years of experience are a bonus – it guarantees the effectiveness of our online therapy.

Up-Front Cost Estimates Explained

Worried about being lured in by cheap prices only to discover hidden charges? We have a clear, honest pricing structure. We give you an up-front estimate of how much your treatment costs. All that you need is to ask!

Convenient and Timely Assistance

Too busy for a face-to-face therapy session? Our online counseling platform is convenient – we work with you remotely. All you need is a mobile device and an internet connection to speak to one of our licensed therapists.


Worried about your privacy as you confide in our therapists? We have a strict confidentiality policy that guarantees the protection of your identity. You may sign up for our service using an anonymous profile. Furthermore, we do not share your information with third parties.

Easy to Use

Our website is easy to navigate. When you want to start emotional abuse treatment, we have a straightforward sign-up process. Because our customer support agents are online 24/7 you will get help each step of the way.

Emotional Abuse Therapy Treatment Methods

There are several treatment methods used to deal with emotional abuse. These treatment methods equip victims with communication and conflict resolution skills. It teaches them how to stand up for themselves and say no to abusive behavior.

Below are some forms of therapy that treat emotional abuse:

  • Individual therapy;
  • Music therapy;
  • Art therapy;
  • Acupuncture;
  • Message therapy;
  • Medication.

Therapy support groups are used to teach victims which behaviors constitute a healthy friendship. They usually comprise survivors who have gone through similar abuse. From these groups, victims learn how to recognize red flags (abusive behavior).

Alternative therapies using music, art, and dance are beneficial. They serve as an outlet for victims of abuse. By expressing themselves through different avenues, they can heal from the trauma. They also learn how to voice their opinions in different ways. Medication can be prescribed to help victims cope with the trauma.

Frequently Asked Questions About Counseling for Grief Counseling

Most of our first-time customers have questions about our therapy service. Our customer support agents are available 24/7 to give answers. You can reach them via live chat on our website. Below are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

What Is the Therapist’s Rate for Emotional Abuse Therapy?

We offer affordable emotional abuse support and counseling that fits our customer’s budget. To know how much you will pay for a session, fill out the form on our home page. We give you an up-front estimate.

What Is the Best Therapy for PTSD from Long Term Emotional Abuse?

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most effective treatment methods for a victim of emotional abuse. It focuses on the traumatic events and helps victims identify and change their behavioral patterns. However, everyone is different and one therapy method may not always be sufficient. An experienced mental health professional may recommend different methods.

How Long Has the Therapist Been Practicing?

All our emotional abuse counselors have fulfilled the mandatory hours of therapy to get licensing. Furthermore, they have had hands-on experience with victims of emotional abuse. Some have more than three years’ worth of counseling experience that they use to help you.

What Type of Therapist Should I See for Emotional Abuse?

The best therapist for someone dealing with trauma from emotional abuse is one who specializes in PTSD. Having dealt with victims of emotional abuse, the therapist knows which treatment methods are most effective.

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