Frequently Asked Questions

Online Counseling

How Do I Communicate With the Online Counselor?

Communication largely depends on the client. Some clients prefer video calls, while others are more comfortable with telephone calls. So, you will choose between the two depending on whichever works at your convenience.

What Is the Process for Obtaining Online Therapy?

First, you go through an initial consultation to explore the assistance you might need. From there, you will then find a suitable counseling specialist based on your judgment and then begin your session after scheduling an appropriate time.

How Does the Service Select a Therapist for Me?

Online therapists are chosen using an algorithm that matches clients with the best fit after consultation. It is based on factors such as areas of specialty, experience, and other important factors. Clients are always free to switch counselors.

What Is the Cost for Counseling?

OpenTalk is relatively cheap and affordable for many people. The service offers great value for money, and clients always get the assistance they need. So, if in-person therapy prices are too steep for you, OpenTalk is your best solution.

Is Online Therapy Covered by Insurance?

Some insurance companies cover online therapy. Therefore, it best to discuss it with your insurance provider to learn if they can cover the sessions.

Is There an Age Restriction for Teletherapy?

You don’t have to be 18 to see an online therapist. However, you do need consent from your guardian and the parties responsible for the payment. People start therapy quite early and still in their childhoods, and it helps them handle issues they are facing at specific ages.

When Does Online Therapy Last?

You can use it until your package expires. Besides, if you feel you require more help, you can add counseling sessions. Therefore, you can use the service until you feel your mental health has been restored or overcame the troubling issue.

Am I Safe When Acquiring Online Therapy?

Yes, client information remains confidential, and the therapists abide by the Health insurance portability and accountability act guidelines. The information that clients disclose is also protected under the guidelines.

Couples Therapy

How Should I Choose a Therapist for Couples?

To get the most out of marriage counseling, you need to ensure you have the right person for the job. We encourage our clients to ask the counselor some questions before they begin therapy. Find out how much experience the specialist has in the area you’re struggling with. Ask about their credentials and how they plan to approach your situation. It also helps to ask the therapist to restate your problem to see if you’re on the same page. This initial assessment will tell you whether or not you mesh well together.

What Is the Success Rate of Marriage Counseling?

Currently, the success rate of marriage counseling is 70 to 80%. Research shows that about 30% of married couples decide to get divorced about four years after therapy. Couples in an abusive relationship and those experiencing a substance abuse problem tend to be on the 20 to 30% failure rate. You see, marriage counseling won’t do much if the person with abusive or drug abuse tendencies isn’t ready to take steps to stop.

What Is the Best Marriage Counseling?

The best marriage counseling is one where the specialist tailors their approach to your specific situation. A good counselor also remains neutral throughout the therapy sessions and never attempts to steer your relationship in any direction. Ultimately, the decision to end or keep fighting for your relationship should be yours.

Can a Couple Have the Same Therapist?

Yes. Couples can have the same therapist. In most cases, it’s recommended because the couple has to work together to fix the problems they are experiencing in their relationship. Besides, the couple is better positioned to learn and practice healthy communication and conflict resolution strategies. However, in some cases like physical abuse, it’s best to have therapy separately because the victim may not be comfortable to discuss some issues in the presence of their spouse.

Individual Therapy

What are individual therapy advantages?

Among all the individual therapy types, this one is considered to be the most effective. Its main benefits are – self-awareness, healthy coping skills, identifying boundaries, and managing symptoms.

What are the main therapy types?

When it comes to choosing a therapy type, people usually have to decide between online and in-person. Both types have their advantages, but it is up to the individual to select the most convenient ones for their specific needs.

Group therapy vs. individual – what is the difference?

The most significant difference is that during the first one, you will be working in a group. In the second case, the professional’s expertise will be centered around your condition.

What therapy type is more effective – family or individual?

When choosing between individual and family therapy, the decision must be based on the specific situation. In some cases, the first type would be more effective; in others – the latter. You can rely on the therapist to make the proper decision for your therapy to be effective.

Marriage and Family Therapy

What Is Family Therapy?

This is a form of psychoanalysis that analyzes and establishes the behaviors of all members of a household. It further goes ahead to demonstrate how these manners affect members of a household and their respective relationships. Sometimes this type of therapy is also termed as marriage therapy.

What Is a Family Counselor Trained For? /What Is a Family Therapist?

A family psychotherapist deals with families to help them overcome several issues. This type of psychotherapist also focuses on helping kinfolk members become better, have better communication skills, and develop solutions to help them create better relationships.

Family Psychotherapy: Taking It One Step Further

It is essential to remember there is no difference between psychotherapy and therapy. If a household is dealing with difficult situations, they may seek a counselor’s services to help them deal with the problem first before proceeding with psychotherapy or therapy. Therapy is a long-term plan that allows households to discuss the root cause of their issues and develop suitable solutions to overcome them.

What Are the Benefits of Family Therapy?

The family therapy is essential because it helps household members comprehend their dynamics and establish healthy boundaries. Family psychotherapy helps families develop outstanding communication skills, improve problem-solving skills, and understand how to deal with anger.

Emotional Abuse Therapy

What Is the Therapist’s Rate for Emotional Abuse Therapy?

We offer affordable emotional abuse support and counseling that fits our customer’s budget. To know how much you will pay for a session, fill out the form on our home page. We give you an up-front estimate.

How Long Has the Therapist Been Practicing?

All our emotional abuse counselors have fulfilled the mandatory hours of therapy to get licensing. Furthermore, they have had hands-on experience with victims of emotional abuse. Some have more than three years’ worth of counseling experience that they use to help you.

What Is the Best Therapy for PTSD from Long Term Emotional Abuse?

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most effective treatment methods for a victim of emotional abuse. It focuses on the traumatic events and helps victims identify and change their behavioral patterns. However, everyone is different and one therapy method may not always be sufficient. An experienced mental health professional may recommend different methods.

What Type of Therapist Should I See for Emotional Abuse?

The best therapist for someone dealing with trauma from emotional abuse is one who specializes in PTSD. Having dealt with victims of emotional abuse, the therapist knows which treatment methods are most effective.

Relationship Counseling

What If My Spouse Doesn’t Want to Participate?

It’s not that rare to see that only one partner in the relationship wants to seek counseling. Often, the second partner is in denial about the negative experience you both might have. If you find yourself in such a situation, remember — you can’t force anyone into therapy. All you can do is discuss your relationship in individual counseling sessions.

Will My Counselor Try to Talk Me Into a Divorce?

This question is an obvious popular culture cliché; the short answer is no, the long one — it’s complicated. Any relationship counselor (or other types of therapists, for that matter) try to stay clear of giving any direct advice. As the therapist’s patient, you’re not likely to hear something along the lines of “You should do this.” No, the counseling professionals only facilitate the client’s introspection and offer them options, but they always let you arrive at your conclusions.

Can Your Therapists Work With LGBT Individuals and Relationships?

Relationship therapy counseling isn’t an exclusive privilege of a married couple; in fact, a much greater number of people can benefit. Our counseling experts’ relationships can also encompass simple long-term committed relationships, polyamorous and open relationships. Sex, gender, age, and sexuality aren’t factors that exclude you or your partner(s) from getting counseling.

What About Premarital Relationship Counseling?

Our platform also offers counseling for premarital relationships — it’s professional help for those going for a long-term relationship. Getting preventative counseling and figuring out whether you’ll have any major issues with your partner will help both of you. It’ll greatly benefit and ensure your success as a couple because you’ll be dealing with potential issues.

What Should I Expect in Premarital Counseling?

Mostly, you and your partner will be discussing a row of hard-hitting questions that commonly make other couples fall apart. The questions can touch on everything from differences in religious beliefs, couple roles, the importance of finances, having children, etc.

Grief Counselling

Should I Just Go to a Grief Support Group or Forum?

Both of these options are great when it comes to dealing with grief. However, there are a few limitations to the group therapy options. For instance, you will not get the professional assistance you may need. Also, taking in other’s pain and tragedy may make your situation worse. Therefore, the best solution would be to get professional grief therapy. If working in a group is more effective for you, you can always try group grief counseling or grief counseling support groups.

What Do Grief Counselors Talk About?

The role of grief counselors is to help you explore your grief, discover your options, and decide on the best thing to do. The trained professionals are not meant to make decisions for you. You are in complete control, and you get to make the final decision.

How Does Grief Counseling Online Work?

Online grief counseling takes place through instant chat, face time, email, or phone call. Here, you do not need to use your actual name, and you can also opt-out of a face-to-face meeting. With online therapy, you can get unlimited time with the professional for a flat fee

Is Online Grief Counseling Effective?

According to research, online grief counseling is just as effective as face-to-face counseling. It is especially effective for people who prefer writing down their feelings and those that enjoy anonymity.

How Do I Get Started With an Online Grief Counselor?

With OpenTalk, all you have to do is access the official website, go through an initial consultation then find a therapist. From there, you can start your online therapy sessions.

Self Esteem Therapy

How Does Online Therapists Help to Enhance Self Esteem?

Online therapists can use different methods to help individuals build self esteem. Listening to patients and finding the right recommendations is their responsibility. Some methods involve; encouraging them to embrace positive thoughts, recommending problem-solving exercises that boost their confidence and feelings of self-worth. They also encourage them to be more active and participate in more fulfilling activities.

Can You Choose Online Therapy If You Have Low Self Esteem?

Yes. Seeking self esteem help is essential since low self-confidence limits a person and invites other challenges like depression and anxiety. It is encouraged that people with self esteem issues see therapists help improve their sense of value.

What Is the Reason for Having Bad Self Esteem?

Poor self esteem is the result of several factors. Some common ones include; trauma, abuse, anxiety, poor performance academically, stressful events, unsupportive parents, and bullying. It might even be caused by criminal behavior or the abuse of alcohol and drugs. Whichever the case, online therapy is the best solution, and OpenTalk is the right choice.

Does Online Counselling Help to Boost Self Esteem?

Acquiring professional Counseling for self esteem is the best approach an individual can take. Online therapists have been trained to help people with diverse needs regarding self-esteem. Therefore, they are well-informed on how to assist you to boost your self-confidence. Furthermore, they are experts in counseling, and thus the issue will be approached with a professional touch.

Why Do I Face Self-Esteem Issues?

Individuals struggle with poor self esteem due to some of the reasons we have highlighted above. As a result, they feel inferior. It starts with thinking less of yourself and doubting your personal value. Working towards restoring one’s self esteem is an essential journey that patients have to commit to. Acquiring the services of a self esteem psychologist make the journey more tolerable and encourages success.

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