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Do you and your partner argue a lot? Have you been feeling especially distant with them? These are the first signs that something might be wrong with the relationship. Couples’ therapy is a tool for a dynamic of happiness and love within the couple to reconnect. If you’re constantly thinking about counseling, then you most likely need it.

What’s Relationship Counseling Actually?

Couples’ therapy is a subtype of psychological treatment that helps specifically couples. It’s provided by qualified experts that assist the clients in recognizing the issues and addressing them. Often, professionals recommend using couples’ therapy as a preventative measure to preserve the positive dynamic between people. As a result of this counseling, relationships commonly become even stronger than before any problems arose.

How Does It Relationship Counseling Work on Our Platform?

Our counseling platform works in an extremely user-friendly way. We’ve taken care of all the platform logistics so that you would need to go through only three service steps. Using this counseling service isn’t tiring because it’s so easy. Here are a few simple actions that you’ll need to do to start your counseling on the platform:


Complete the Initial Orientation

At first, you either fill out our contact form or reach out to us. We talk about your problems and what you’d like to see from counseling during our first conversation. The initial expert will give you a basic consultation, explain how we work, and give you estimate rates.

Find and Pick Your Relationship Counselor

After the initial stage, your records will be in our system, and you’ll be able to pick the counseling expert. The counseling platform automatically matches your problem and profile with the most appropriate professionals. In your case, you’ll be matched up with a counseling expert who specializes in relationships.

Start the Healing Process

After the two starting phases, you can now schedule the counseling session whenever you want and begin healing your relationship. See just how quick and easy the process is? The final number of counseling sessions that you and your partner will need because every case is unique.

Here’s Why Choose Us for Relationship Counseling

Why prefer our counseling services to the other numerous options available online? Our platform encompasses a ton of benefits and advantages over other counseling services. Here’s why we’re a popular choice between people seeking help with their relationships.

Accessible Rates

First and foremost, the prices we offer are quite small when comparing them to the market average. We know just how pricey counseling (and especially relationship assistance) is, so we tried to keep the price as low as possible. We want to aid as many people as possible — the main motivation behind our low pricing.

Top-Notch Service

When you’re letting us improve your relationship’s quality, you’re choosing top experts who are passionate about helping people. The therapist working with you will listen to you, suggest solutions, and, most importantly, not judge. There are so many patronizing relationship specialists out there — we don’t employ such people.

No Hidden Pricings

Unlike some other platforms, we don’t try to go out of the way to extort our clients’ money. We don’t have any hidden services that we tell you after you receive them. And we don’t have any sneaky asterisks with money-stealing clauses. No, what we discuss initially is exactly what you’ll end up paying in the end.

Emphasis on Convenience

On this platform, you can easily schedule an appointment whenever you need it and whenever you can. The fact that the platform’s experts work in an online-based environment makes it very convenient for users. Just log in, choose the next date when you’d like to have a treatment session, and that’s it!

Protecting Your Confidentiality

We value the privacy of our clients. When you employ our relationship services, you can rest assured that your personal information won’t fall victim to a third party. We have strict and extensive regulations for everybody on the platform about disclosing the client’s details. This has never happened yet, but we’ll immediately terminate our cooperation with and find the person who’s breaking the code of conduct.

Who’ll Benefit From Relationship Counseling?

There isn’t one simple answer to this question — this type of therapy assists different couples differently. The most important thing to know is that it can help just about any couple. The statement holds regardless of sex, gender, race, sexual orientation, type of relationship.

Couples’ therapy can be a great opportunity to examine your relationships’ dynamic and address your issues. Whether it’s intimacy issues, interruption in communication, constant arguing — the experts will help you!


Firstly, you have to understand whether you need therapy. When the relationship is ending, it’s an obvious indicator that you need help, but that’s often too late to fix anything. You need to use counseling as a preventative measure when the problems only start arising within the couple. You might want to go for couples’ there if any of the following is true for you:

  • Both of you stopped communicating and expressing yourself to each other
  • A couple of points of which you disagree make you constantly argue
  • Passive-aggressive and sarcastic talking is prevalent in the relationship
  • You can’t decide on anything major together
  • One of you lived through a traumatic experience, and it’s affecting your everyday life.
If these of other similar problems are constant in the relationship, then you need counseling. Here’s why therapy it the answer for you:

You'll Be Heard

Often, the dynamic in couples becomes toxic where the people don’t listen to each other. The therapist will be your mediator and help you deal with the toxicity.

You'll See Your Partner's Perspective

The expert was trained to create a calm environment and let couples get more insight into each other. The counseling professional will shift your perspectives around so that you’d stop seeing everything in the same light.

You'll Learn New Things About Relationships

Emotional education is a big part of couples’ therapy. The specialist will discuss many situations from your daily life and offer you solutions.

How Does Relationship Counseling Achieve Anything?

Now you know how couples benefit from joint therapy, but how does the counseling expert achieve it? How do they help people get through their problems? How fast can they do it? Without disclosing too much (so as not to lower the effects of counseling on you), we can say the following.

Firstly, you mustn’t expect that you’ll be done in a few sessions. Relationship therapy is an endeavor that requires time and effort. In the first few sessions, the therapist will only learn about your couple, you separately, and the issues.

As the counseling sessions go on, the expert will give you unique options and solutions to the problems. They will help identify root causes for the couple’s problems and change your outlook on things. Here are the most popular techniques for couples’ therapy:

Insight Therapy

For partners who argue a lot with each other, this technique might be the most effective. The expert studies how the partner interacts and then tries to let the couple know how subjective their views are. The professional recognizes the root cause and makes the partners tackle it head-on.

Communication-Based Healing

For couples that are drifting apart, the communication-based treatment has shown to be the most effective. It’s often the partners that stopped talking and expressing their thoughts to each other that start drifting. The therapist facilitates communication trying to reestablish intimacy within the couple.

Relationship Dynamics Analysis

When one person in a relationship acts very illogically and negatively towards the other, some underlying, subconscious reason is present. One partner has most commonly done something that is significantly disrespectful to the other, and nobody has explicitly noticed this. Meaning, the other partner only subconsciously, was offended. In this case, the expert closely studies everything that led to such a dynamic in the couple, looking for that root cause.

You can feel free to talk about erection problems, be sure to mention the medications you are taking for an erection, and whether you received a prescription.

Frequently Asked Questions About Counseling for Relationships

In this section, we’ve gathered the most common questions surrounding relationships and counseling on our platform. Our users are users who are continuously asking us the same questions. So, for everybody’s convenience, we’ve decided to answer them in one place — here.

It can be so that you may not find below the answer to all the counseling and relationship questions that you have. However, don’t worry; our customer support is always there to answer your inquiries. If you have any additional questions, then reach out to us via our chat or call us.

What If My Spouse Doesn’t Want to Participate?

It’s not that rare to see that only one partner in the relationship wants to seek counseling. Often, the second partner is in denial about the negative experience you both might have. If you find yourself in such a situation, remember — you can’t force anyone into therapy. All you can do is discuss your relationship in individual counseling sessions.

Can Your Therapists Work With LGBT Individuals and Relationships?

Relationship therapy counseling isn’t an exclusive privilege of a married couple; in fact, a much greater number of people can benefit. Our counseling experts’ relationships can also encompass simple long-term committed relationships, polyamorous and open relationships. Sex, gender, age, and sexuality aren’t factors that exclude you or your partner(s) from getting counseling.

Will My Counselor Try to Talk Me Into a Divorce?

This question is an obvious popular culture cliché; the short answer is no, the long one — it’s complicated. Any relationship counselor (or other types of therapists, for that matter) try to stay clear of giving any direct advice. As the therapist’s patient, you’re not likely to hear something along the lines of “You should do this.” No, the counseling professionals only facilitate the client’s introspection and offer them options, but they always let you arrive at your conclusions.

What About Premarital Relationship Counseling?

Our platform also offers counseling for premarital relationships — it’s professional help for those going for a long-term relationship. Getting preventative counseling and figuring out whether you’ll have any major issues with your partner will help both of you. It’ll greatly benefit and ensure your success as a couple because you’ll be dealing with potential issues.

What Should I Expect in Premarital Counseling?

Mostly, you and your partner will be discussing a row of hard-hitting questions that commonly make other couples fall apart. The questions can touch on everything from differences in religious beliefs, couple roles, the importance of finances, having children, etc.

Try Online Therapy

Often your therapist will recommend separate sessions if they see it fit. However, if that’s what you prefer, you can request it. Don’t wait until it’s too late to get couple counseling. Schedule an appointment on OpenTalk and start the journey to mending your relationship.

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