Depression Therapy

We all may feel sad and lonely from time to time, but usually, these feelings go away within a few days. Depression is when you feel low for weeks and months, and it negatively affects how you think so you are no longer interested in things that used to bring you pleasure. But you don’t have to suffer alone because this condition can be treated and effective depression treatment is now available online.

What Is Therapy for Depression?

Depression is a common mental health problem that affects people of different ages in a variety of different ways. It can have a negative impact on your body, thoughts, mood, and behavior. In fact, it affects all areas of your life, making it hard to enjoy day-to-day activities.

Living with depression is incredibly difficult so if you are struggling with your emotions and feel unable to cope, you should seek the support of a mental health professional, and online counseling is a good option to consider. Here is why.

  • A counselor for depression can help you identify, address, and manage negative thoughts that may affect the way you behave;
  • They will listen to you without judging you and help you explore your emotions and feelings, acknowledge them, and accept them; 
  • Counselors on OpenTalk will suggest different coping strategies and self-care techniques to relieve your symptoms;
  • They will also support you to find your own effective ways to cope with what you are going through. 

It’s time for you to put yourself first and start therapy to make a positive change. And we’re here to help you in your therapy journey. We’ll connect you with a licensed counselor who will provide you with emotional support and guidance and help you achieve your goals.

We carefully vet our therapists for you to get the quality mental health care you deserve from the comfort of your home. All you need is a stable Internet connection, a smartphone, desktop, or laptop, and a strong motivation to improve your well-being.

How Does Counseling for Depression Works on OpenTalk?

Our platform makes it easy to get depression counseling services from licensed and experienced mental health professionals. We provide you with a secure virtual space to connect with them online. Communicate with your therapist using unlimited messaging and live video chats and feel confident that your conversations are protected.

Get online help for depression on OpenTalk in 3 steps:

Sign up

Provide your email address to get a several-digit code for verification. Take an intake survey proving honest answers to questions about your symptoms and therapy preferences. This info will help us match you with the right therapist. Choose the preferred nickname and your subscription plan.

Get matched with a therapist who specializes in treating depression

We have a trained team to match you with a mental health professional from your state who specializes in treating your issues. Our agents consider all your needs and preferences you indicated in an intake survey. It takes less than 24 hours, to match you with a therapist who has experience in addressing your problem. Your therapist will send you a welcome message to provide info about their availability.

Work with your counselor to learn coping skills

From there, you can start texting your online therapist and schedule your initial live video consultation. Choose the means, and place that work best for you and negotiate time with your therapist. It’s quite flexible. As for the text chat, your counselor will answer you at least once a day 5 days a week on business days.

Why and How to Treat Depression with CBT on OpenTalk?


CBT stands for cognitive behavioral therapy, which is an effective and powerful way to treat depressive disorders and other mental health issues. This type of therapy focuses on problem-solving in the present and modifies thought patterns to change moods and behaviors. 

CBT is based on the idea that negative feelings and actions are the result of current distorted beliefs or thoughts. By learning how to identify, challenge, and change unpleasant thoughts, you can reduce your distress and feel better. 

Here is how CBT works:

  • You and your counselor will work together to identify specific negative thought patterns and behavioral responses to challenging and stressful situations. 
  • Your therapist will work with you to set treatment goals and will help you focus on what you feel and think now, and how you can change it.
  • Your counselor will give you homework to focus on noticing your self-talk and practicing self-evaluation to reflect and respond appropriately.
  • The counselor will help you develop more balanced and constructive ways to respond to stressors. 
  • You will learn coping skills to get more control of your emotions, feeling, and behaviors and feel more confident to face life challenges and keep your depression from coming back.

Our therapists will introduce some powerful cognitive therapy techniques and strategies to help you overcome your depression symptoms. Make a step closer to some positive changes today!

What Are the Benefits of Getting Mental Health Support on OpenTalk?

Getting the appropriate emotional and mental health support online is now easier. And we do our best to meet your needs.

Quality health care

Our online counselors are trained in evidence-based therapy modalities and techniques. They are licensed and experienced to help you get quality care no matter where you are. Together, you will develop a personalized treatment plan and work to achieve your short- and long-term goals.

Flexible schedule

Online counseling saves you time and money. You can schedule a session for any day or time. So, you never have to worry about missing your appointments or being late. OpenTalk allows you to access mental health treatment that fits your schedule and doesn’t interfere with your life.


Online depression counseling is much more affordable than traditional in-person appointments in a counselor’s office. So, everyone can access professional treatment and care. OpenTalk keeps the cost of therapy services below the average on the market. You’ll also save on the costs of driving and commuting to your therapist’s office.


Internet-based counseling can be a good option for people who find it difficult to attend traditional sessions because of their location, schedule, or other limitations. Online therapy also saves a lot of time. Through OpenTalk, you can work on improving your mental health from wherever you are.


We provide a safe therapy space and privacy, allowing you to truly open up and share your feelings without fear of being judged. Our platform protects your information and strictly abides by the HIPAA requirements. You don’t have to worry about third parties having access to any personal data.

Easy to use

Our platform is easy to use and we provide you with helpful guides on how to use our platform and make the most of therapy. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out. Our client support team can guide you quickly, 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions about Depression Counseling Online

What is depression?

Clinical depression is one of the most common mental disorders worldwide. This serious mental illness negatively affects how people feel, the way they think, and how they act. It can bring about long-lasting symptoms such as overwhelming sadness, low energy, loss of appetite, loss of interest or pleasure in activities once enjoyed, and trouble sleeping. 

Diagnosing depression requires an evaluation process that involves a physician or mental health professional. There are different types of depression, for example, major depressive disorder, persistent depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, seasonal depression, postpartum depression.

What causes depression?

Anyone can be affected by depression, it can happen at any age, and there’s not one single cause of this condition. Sometimes, the causes of depression are instantly apparent, but oftentimes, there isn’t an obvious reason why you feel so down.

Common reasons for the development of depression include 

  • distressing life events like a divorce or  breakdown in relationships;
  • childhood experiences of physical and emotional abuse;
  • changes in your life like having a baby or losing a job;
  • chronic diseases like diabetes, multiple sclerosis, or cancer;
  • family history of depression.

How to treat depression?

Depression is a highly treatable condition, even in its most severe form. There are different treatment options, so the important thing is for you to find out what type of treatment works best for you. 

The most common treatment methods are antidepressant medications and psychological counseling. They are often used in combination, especially, in more severe cases. For severe cases of treatment-resistant depression, electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) may also be used.

How does therapy help in the treatment of depression?

Treating depression with therapy or psychotherapy has proven effective in both short-term and long-term cases of depression. Different types of therapy can be effective for depression treatment, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness-based cognitive therapy MBCT), interpersonal therapy (IPT), psychodynamic therapy. Depending on the severity of the depression, treatment can take a few weeks or much longer.

How to find a depression therapist?

Whether you prefer traditional therapy or choose online therapy, it’s essential to find a therapist you are comfortable with. When you start your search, you should keep an open mind. Remember that a therapist doesn’t need decades of experience to be helpful. 

Although credentials are important, they are not everything. Your own feelings of trust and comfort should be your top priority. You should feel comfortable talking to your therapist, and if you don’t, try switching to a new one.

Can counseling help with depression?

Counseling is seen more as a short-term therapy that may focus more on mild to moderate symptoms of depression. Counseling for depression focuses on present thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and how these things are affecting your life currently. 

That’s why counselors often use CBT in counseling sessions to help you change negative thinking that may be making the symptoms of depression worse. This treatment model is goal-oriented, and you as a client are expected to take an active role.

How to get counseling for depression?

Several types of mental health professionals can serve as a counselor for people with depression, for example, psychologists, social workers, and licensed professional counselors. To find a counselor who’s a good fit, you should start by considering practical matters like licensure, insurance coverage, location, and specialties. Your friends, colleagues, and your healthcare providers can be a good source of referrals. One other form of counseling to consider is online therapy on platforms like ours.

Why choose us for online depression counseling?

Our subscription-based online therapy platform provides people of all ages with an affordable alternative to in-person therapy. You can get ongoing support and guidance from a licensed counselor from the comfort of your home. 

Our counselors use effective treatment methods based on evidence-based practices and the best research. You can text your therapy at any time and get responses daily and schedule live video sessions. You can also switch therapists for free.

What to expect from online depression counseling?

Your counselor will use talk therapy to help you understand and work through the issues that have a negative impact on your life. Their role is to listen, provide feedback, and work with you to develop coping strategies to manage depression symptoms. They will also evaluate your progress and adjust the counseling sessions accordingly. Be ready to do homework in the form of tracking moods and feelings.

For emergencies, call 911 or visit your nearest help organization.

Get Help for Depression Online on OpenTalk

If untreated, depression can last for weeks, months, or years. It can lead to risky behaviors, ruin relationships, and cause problems at work. That’s why it’s important to make your mental health a priority. The good news is that counseling and talk therapies can help with depression.  Let us find you the best therapist for depression who can help you explore the feelings you have, accept them, and learn to cope.

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