Online Individual Therapy (Psychotherapy)

Our online platform allows people worldwide to get professional and high-quality mental health treatment and support. You can enjoy face-to-face sessions with qualified specialists on any topic that may be bothering you.

What Is Individual Therapy and Is It Effective?

With so many types of therapy sessions available, individual psychotherapy has proven to be the most effective one. An expert conducts this therapy type for one individual.

Individual sessions can help solve a whole range of issues – improve self-esteem, deal with bullying, make healthy decisions, and become more self-aware. For any of the problems you may be trying to overcome, there are individual sessions to help you do it through therapy.

So, what is individual therapy? It is a collaborative process between a therapy specialist and an individual that has specific problems. During individual sessions, the person will look for the best way to solve that problem together with the professional. Even if an individual is experiencing constant negative feelings and fatigue without a visible reason, such therapy can help determine such behavior and solve it.

However, there is a percentage of individuals that choose to avoid therapy. Usually, they make such a decision because of the following reasons:

  • Feel uncomfortable speaking up about their issue
  • Cannot afford it
  • Don’t want to be a realist and accept the fact that they have a problem
  • Are afraid that someone else will find out that they are in therapy

If you are one of those individuals, remember that all of the therapists will maintain strict confidentiality. Moreover, if you choose individual online therapy, it is much more budget-friendly than the traditional one. And the sooner you realize that you have an issue, the better for you.


Initial consultation

You need to have the initial consultation because it is through this that OpenTalk will be able to pair you with the best counselor. During the initial conversation, you will have to answer some questions openly.

Find your therapist

Once you have completed the initial consultation, the next thing is to find the right therapist based on your needs. The information collected in the initial consultation will be applied when finding your ideal therapist. You have the freedom to switch to another therapist if the one chosen for you initially does not meet your needs and expectations.

Start online therapy

From there, you can proceed to start your online therapy. You get to choose which means of communication is the best for you. Note that you will get the cost estimations before you start your therapy sessions. You also have to pay for the services upfront. Your therapist will guide you through the process and provide you with the tools you need to handle your grief.

How Does It Work?

Firstly, an individual has to accept the fact that they need therapy. After you are ready to take a step forward to solving the bothersome issue, whether it is depression, addiction, anger management, relationship challenges, or insomnia, there is a specialist qualified in the needed area. Then, the individual can apply for an initial consultation. They will be matched with an expert that has already successfully helped individuals with similar problems. During the consultation, the individual will get a chance to find out more about the professional and whether you are comfortable working with him/her.

Since finding a therapist is not easy, it is okay to reject the first specialist and ask for someone else. Remember that therapy will work only with a person that you feel comfortable talking to.

For some individuals, starting online therapy may be the hardest decision of their entire lives. But it has been proven that therapy sessions, including the individual ones, are highly effective and beneficial. And after matching with the right therapist, starting the therapy sessions, and setting individual goals, you will notice excellent results.

What Are the Advantages?

If you are considering online therapy in general or individual psychotherapy in particular, you must be aware of the benefits that such a therapy type has to offer. So, let’s take a look at the main advantages.

Affordable-At OpenTalk

Individual online therapy is affordable. Usually, this therapy type is the most affordable compared to the traditional in-person one. And the good thing is that this doesn’t mean that you will get any less quality help. The hired specialists are as competent and qualified in the mental health areas as those working in an office.

Quality Care-All

With individual online therapy, you will get quality care. You can be a hundred percent confident that the expert chosen for your specific needs will be qualified and have enough experience to handle your situation.

Up-front Cost Estimates-At OpenTalk

You will get up-front cost estimates. Many factors can influence the price of your individual sessions. But there will be no hidden costs, and you will now for what you are paying from the beginning.
Individual therapy is convenient. You can set any preferred date and time. You can also contact the matched specialist from any place you want – office, home, or car.

Confidential-We offer 100% confidentiality

Individual online therapy is completely confidential. There is no need to worry that the information discussed during the individual sessions will leak somewhere. All of the online mental health professionals have strict confidentiality rules that they always obey.

Easy to Use-Our

Therapy platforms are easy to use. We promise that you will have no issues with opening your account, setting a therapy session date, and contacting your chosen expert. The website is user-friendly and straightforward.

Get Personal Therapy From Licensed Psychologists

The therapy professionals found on this platform are highly qualified and have years of experience in the mental health field. You can be sure that you are in good hands and that by working closely with such an expert, you will be able to solve your issue in no time with individual therapy or any other therapy type.

Our specialists are certified psychologists and psychotherapists so that you can be confident in the professional competence provided to you online. Qualified psychologists and psychotherapists can help you resolve neuroses, depression, phobias, family and marriage issues, and other problems. Also, they can provide individual psychological assistance at the right time.

All of the psychologists are licensed and have the needed credentials to work in this field. They can provide support for individuals with various conditions, such as:

The list can go on and on. So, whether you have some work-related issues that need someone to help you find a solution to; or whether you notice that your relationship is failing and you want to do something about it, there is a professional that knows exactly what to do and how to help you in each particular situation.

The individual online therapy’s effectiveness depends on your initial request, how detailed and clearly you describe the problem. Then the specialist will offer you the most effective type of therapy.

Mental health assistance is effective only if the therapist is a professional and if the client wants to change unsuitable internal and external circumstances. Online psychological help can help find a way out of a situation even when you think it is impossible.




Eating disorder


Personality disorder

Behavioral health issues

Frequently Asked Questions About Counseling for Grief Counseling

What are individual therapy advantages?

Among all the individual therapy types, this one is considered to be the most effective. Its main benefits are – self-awareness, healthy coping skills, identifying boundaries, and managing symptoms.

Group therapy vs. individual – what is the difference?

The most significant difference is that during the first one, you will be working in a group. In the second case, the professional’s expertise will be centered around your condition.

What are the main therapy types?

When it comes to choosing a therapy type, people usually have to decide between online and in-person. Both types have their advantages, but it is up to the individual to select the most convenient ones for their specific needs.

What therapy type is more effective – family or individual?

When choosing between individual and family therapy, the decision must be based on the specific situation. In some cases, the first type would be more effective; in others – the latter. You can rely on the therapist to make the proper decision for your therapy to be effective.

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