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We are a competent team of highly qualified and licensed online mental health service providers, with diverse specialties in family counseling, relationships, addiction among other subjects. Access first-rate therapy services anywhere, at any time. Talk to a therapist online for details on how to get started. Here you can find nothing but reliable and professional assistance!

What Is Online Therapy? Useful Info You Need to Know

Online therapy is a service tailored to serve a patient’s convenience. Quality therapy services are offered by qualified therapists through video calls, giving individuals the advantage of accessing professional therapy as per their schedule. You don’t have to commute for appointments, we’ll serve you from the comfort of your home or office round the clock.

Text Therapy

Text therapy through messages. Write to your physician when you need it.

Video Therapy

Live communication through video sessions to immerse yourself in therapy.

As long as you have a good internet connection, you will be able to have a real-time session with a licensed online therapist and access reliable mental healthcare services. 

Call us now and talk to a qualified therapist on how to get started.

How OpenTalk Works: What You Should Expect For

During these challenging times, online therapy has been advantageous for patients in need of reliable mental healthcare services. Numerous individuals have marked a great improvement in their mental health, agreeing that these services as efficient and dependable.

With movement and social distancing restrictions in a bid to fight the pandemic, visiting therapists in person is not the ideal option, and insurance providers are rethinking their standings in regards to telehealth services. Under normal circumstances, some factors may make it challenging for a patient to visit a therapist in person.

Below are the reasons why you should try online therapy sessions:

  • If you have a tight schedule and can’t find time to commute to the mental health facility;
  • If it’s hard to find a qualified therapist in reasonable proximity to where you live;
  • If you are on insurance under your parent’s cover, which is limited to your home and doesn’t extend to your current residence;
  • You are not comfortable and easy to open up to a stranger in person, but would prefer having a video call instead;
  • If you require more flexibility in scheduling sessions which therapy offices can’t offer.

Accessing therapy online is much convenient, as more patients express their satisfaction with services and results obtained. You have the advantage of choosing a preferred therapist, one whom you’ll be at ease opening up to. Call us now for guidance on how to start your therapy sessions.


Is Therapy by OpenTalk Safe and Reliable?

The biggest concerns of many patients when accessing online therapy help are privacy and confidentiality of their information. Well, no worries as we use secure servers in conducting sessions, and your information can only be accessed by the attending therapist.

Virtual therapy is continually gaining popularity given its advantages, and this comes with diverse forms of concerns. Also, ethical and legal aspects associated with online therapy services come into play, and therefore it is important to familiarize yourself with the applicable policies before you use the services.

Getting Started is Easy


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Frequently Asked Questions

Having any questions or doubts regarding online counseling and therapy services? Let’s have a look at the commonly asked questions and their appropriate responses.

How will I communicate with my counselor?

Communication with a counselor is primarily via video call. As long as you have a good internet connection and your device has a functional camera, you will be able to have sessions efficiently and schedule ours at your convenience.

How is my therapist chosen?

Online therapists are chosen based on the area of specialty and considerations of the patient’s preference. A marriage counselor may not be suitable to help a patient with an addiction issue. Also, a patient may be much comfortable to open up to a female therapist than a male therapist. The patient’s preference is a major consideration.

Can insurance be accepted for online therapy?

In most states, insurance service providers do not cover online counseling services. However, some companies are rethinking their take on these services given the continuous growth in popularity among patients. With that said, patients have to cater for any expenses as most insurance companies do not cover the services as of now.

How long can I use?

Using virtual therapy services doesn’t have a specific timeline, but can get help for as long as it is necessary. The duration often depends on a patient’s problem, and therefore sessions can go from just a few weeks to several months. Additionally, patients might need to work with online therapists for several months depending on the degree of their problem.

How does the online therapy process look like?

The process involves helping patients to identify the underlying factors contributing to their mental and emotional issues. An online therapist guides the patient to identify veiled factors, guide them on how to cope with, and how to solve issues they are facing.

How much does it cost?

The services are much affordable compared to the normal rates for in-person counseling services. Additionally, you get to enjoy more flexibility for much less. An online therapist walks with a patient, helping them for as long as it is necessary. Contact us today for further guidance on how to start and the rates applicable.

Is there an age requirement for online therapy?

Different states have different policies regarding are requirements for accessing these services. Nonetheless, children can access these services with their parents’ consent. The child has to get permission from either or both of the parents before attending sessions.

Is online therapy safe and secure?

These services are safe and secure. We use highly secure servers to conduct our sessions, and this makes for the security of patients’ data. Your information is only visible to the serving therapist, and therefore you can be confident of your privacy when using our services. You can rely on our services, contact us today.

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