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Poor self esteem is a challenge that faces many individuals currently. Many individuals over-criticize themselves and often doubt their value. Low self esteem is dangerous as it contributes to complications like stress and depression. To combat this, OpenTalk provides counseling for self esteem to individuals to help them recover their self-worth.

What Is Self-Esteem?

Self esteem is a sense of self-worth or personal value that everyone has. How we perceive ourselves and what we add to this world is essential. It affects how people feel, how they go about their days, and even how they think. Self esteem is of two types, namely high-self esteem and low self esteem.

High/positive self esteem is characterized by feelings of confidence and even pride, where one is good about themselves and appreciates their value in the world. However, Low/negative self-esteem mostly involves self-criticism and self-doubt.

It changes how people interact with others and the world and even causes challenges in relationships. Fortunately, poor self esteem can be treated through cognitive behavioral therapy.

How Does It Work?

Online therapy for self esteem works stress-freely. The client has to contact the service and book a consultation appointment. The consultation appointment is where a client explores their options and understands how online therapy works. From there, they decide whether they are on board and whether to commit to the service. The initial consultation is vital in that clients are advised on the type of assistance they might require.

After the initial consultation, the next step is choosing the right online therapist for a specific client. For clients seeking self esteem help, a professional specialized in that sector is chosen. Online counselors are selected according to the best fit for a particular client’s needs. Some factors involved in the selection include; the level of experience, the psychologist’s specialty, and availability.

Clients almost always get the right fit when it comes to being matched with their online counselor. However, there is still the option to switch the psychologist when a client feels they need to. The final step is to start online therapy, where a client schedules their session according to their availability. Clients have the option to choose between phone calls or video calls for treatment.


Initial consultation

The initial consultation is necessary to find you a good match. We ask questions that give us insight into your mental health history. Giving us accurate answers helps us to understand what you are looking for in a counselor.

Getting matched with a therapist

Our therapy website has many licensed counselors who have worked with victims of emotional abuse. We do our best to match you with a suitable professional based on your initial consultation. However, we may not always find a perfect match on the first attempt. This is why we let you find your counselor by asking for a replacement.

Start online therapy session

To get started, you must book a therapy session. Find out which of our therapists are available and set a convenient time. Your online therapy starts when you are ready.

Benefits of OpenTalk Online Therapy

OpenTalk online therapy carries various benefits to clients, some of which might not be present with face to face therapy in a specialist’s office. We have identified some of these perks.


Online therapy is significantly cheaper as compared to regular therapy. In-person therapy charges rates that might be too steep for individuals per session. OpenTalk recognizes that online counseling for self esteem should be affordable to a majority. Through cheaper pricing, more people can acquire the therapy they require.

Quality Care

OpenTalk offers excellent value for money to clients. Like traditional therapy, all online counselors are licensed and are experienced in assisting clients with their issues. These professionals care about clients and thus always work with clients and are available to them in their journey to recovery.

Up-Front Cost Estimates Explained

The pricing structure for online therapy is straightforward. Clients are made aware of the services’ complete pricing before deciding to receive self esteem therapy online. There are no hidden prices along the way, and everything is presented to a client upfront.


OpenTalk’s online therapy offers many conveniences to clients. First, scheduling sessions rely on the patient’s availability. With regular therapy, sessions are scheduled according to the therapist’s calendar. It makes it quite difficult for people with hectic schedules to find time to visit the therapist’s office.


Like traditional therapy, all the data and information that a patient discloses remains confidential. Individuals don’t have to worry about their data being accessed by the public. OpenTalk is strict with confidentiality, and the licensed online counselors operate under the HIPAA guidelines whereby the storage and transfer of client information are prioritized.

Easy to Use

The site is quite easy to use. Navigation is relatively easy, and clients can acquire the assistance they require in minutes. Customer support is also always available for any inquiries concerning the services for individuals who might need it. Registering to acquire online therapy is simple and does not require individuals to go through many complicated steps. Scheduling appointments with a self esteem psychologist is also quite straightforward.

An Effective Way of Boosting Self Esteem

Restoring self-confidence is a journey that requires one to be willing to accept assistance from a self esteem psychologist. People have to go through a lot to admit they need assistance, but it is usually the first significant step. Research shows that self esteem issues can be treated by cognitive behavioral therapy.

It is a solution to multiple psychological issues. Cognitive-behavioral therapy diverts more of its attention to the present challenges rather than one’s history. It entails several types of treatment:

Cognitive Restructuring

Here, a psychologist assists the patient to identify unhealthy patterns in their thoughts. From there, they work together to develop helpful and positive thought patterns. The method takes infers that people with poor self esteem usually nurse negative thoughts regarding themselves. These include feelings of failure on most days of a person’s life. So the psychologists help them construct positive thoughts to replace the negative ones.

Behavior Activation

Behavioral activation involves getting individuals involved in more fulfilling activities. People with low self esteem tend to limit their involvement in different activities due to fear of failure. Behavior activation aims to reverse this.

Training in Problem-Solving

Helplessness is among the feelings associated with negative self esteem. Thus, by teaching these individuals to identify and approach problems and figure out potential solutions, they acquire a sense of agency. Thus, they become more encouraged to face some of their challenges.

Training in Assertiveness

Poor self esteem makes people hide their feelings and wants. Assertiveness training helps them express themselves the right way to get what they want without jeopardizing existing relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Online Therapy

Self-esteem is a critical subject, and thus one needs to be guided properly to boost their self-confidence. A crucial step towards that is by getting the right answers about the subject. So, if you have any pressing queries about the online service, the support team is available to answer all of them promptly. Check out some of the most asked questions and their answers.

How Does Online Therapists Help to Enhance Self Esteem?

Online therapists can use different methods to help individuals build self esteem. Listening to patients and finding the right recommendations is their responsibility. Some methods involve; encouraging them to embrace positive thoughts, recommending problem-solving exercises that boost their confidence and feelings of self-worth. They also encourage them to be more active and participate in more fulfilling activities.

Does Online Counselling Help to Boost Self Esteem?

Acquiring professional Counseling for self esteem is the best approach an individual can take. Online therapists have been trained to help people with diverse needs regarding self-esteem. Therefore, they are well-informed on how to assist you to boost your self-confidence. Furthermore, they are experts in counseling, and thus the issue will be approached with a professional touch.

Why Do I Face Self-Esteem Issues?

Individuals struggle with poor self esteem due to some of the reasons we have highlighted above. As a result, they feel inferior. It starts with thinking less of yourself and doubting your personal value. Working towards restoring one’s self esteem is an essential journey that patients have to commit to. Acquiring the services of a self esteem psychologist make the journey more tolerable and encourages success.

Can You Choose Online Therapy If You Have Low Self Esteem?

Yes. Seeking self esteem help is essential since low self-confidence limits a person and invites other challenges like depression and anxiety. It is encouraged that people with self esteem issues see therapists help improve their sense of value.

What Is the Reason for Having Bad Self Esteem?

Poor self esteem is the result of several factors. Some common ones include; trauma, abuse, anxiety, poor performance academically, stressful events, unsupportive parents, and bullying. It might even be caused by criminal behavior or the abuse of alcohol and drugs. Whichever the case, online therapy is the best solution, and OpenTalk is the right choice.

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