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Text therapy with experienced professionals on our website will let you overcome daily challenges, get your peace of mind back, and improve your mental health. It’s time for you to make your life better, and we are here to help you on your healing path. Get started with online text therapy right now to feel some positive changes.

Online Text Therapy – What Is It?

Therapy by text at OpenTalk is your chance to make quality changes in your life and emotional well-being. We have gathered the best experienced licensed specialists with different areas of expertise to satisfy your needs and help you solve your particular issues on this platform.

Text therapy via the Internet is a perfect alternative to regular face-to-face sessions, and everyone will have time and money for it. We understand that not everyone can afford in-person therapy, and it’s not that easy to find time to get to a counselor’s office. Therapy text services online make it possible to have quality communication with accomplished therapists from your favorite gadget. No matter where you are, you can text a professional and get the required help.


Initial consultation

You need to have the initial consultation because it is through this that OpenTalk will be able to pair you with the best counselor. During the initial conversation, you will have to answer some questions openly.

Find your therapist

Once you have completed the initial consultation, the next thing is to find the right therapist based on your needs. The information collected in the initial consultation will be applied when finding your ideal therapist. You have the freedom to switch to another therapist if the one chosen for you initially does not meet your needs and expectations.

Start online therapy

From there, you can proceed to start your online therapy. You get to choose which means of communication is the best for you. Note that you will get the cost estimations before you start your therapy sessions. You also have to pay for the services upfront. Welcome to the consultation talk. Start messaging your interactive therapist anytime & anywhere.

How Does Therapy by Text Work at OpenTalk

Our clients were able to feel positive improvements after a few sessions of text counseling. If you are seeking professional support and guidance, don’t hesitate to get started on our website. It’s never been easier. Moreover, online services perfectly match social distancing measures, so this is the safest way to get mental treatment. Just register, pick the right pricing plan, schedule sessions, and connect with an expert to talk about everything.

Take advantage of text therapy to become a healthier and happier person. Some people are shy or unwilling to get in touch with a therapist in person. We allow you to share your feelings and thoughts through text therapy messages at any time you want. In case you need flexibility in your communication with a therapist, we can give you this. Moreover, you will be able to access a wide range of specialists throughout the country with no need to limit yourself to local counselors only. For a reasonable price, you can have top-notch mental help most conveniently. It’s high time to take care of your emotional condition.

Basics About Therapy Through Text at OpenTalk

Take a look at the most common questions we receive from our therapy clients and brief answers that will help you before getting started.

Is It Possible to Text Therapist?

We are aware that being an adult means juggling family, career, personal life, and it’s not that easy to find spare time to take care of your emotional health. Text counseling we offer on our website is an innovative and convenient way to get in touch with a specialist and discuss everything that disrupts your daily life and mental harmony. You can exchange messages with your therapist and have deep, meaningful conversations with no need to interrupt your activities.

What Main Therapy Types Do We Have?

On our platform, you can have three session types:

  • Text session
  • Phone session
  • Video session

Feel free to choose the one that you feel is more appropriate for you or mix and match services to get effective treatment and advance your progress. Each therapy type has its advantages and is very effective based on our clients’ reviews. Give it a try and send your first message to a qualified licensed therapist and start the healing process.

Is Therapy by Text Service Free?

The main question we receive from our clients is how much is text therapy and is it for free. ON our platform, you will have to pay for the monthly subscription according to a pricing plan you choose and then you can use all the services included for free. You can send an unlimited number of text messages to a specialist to achieve progress and cope with your main problems. However, it’s important to understand that online therapy is much less expensive than in-person therapy. Many people couldn’t afford to attend sessions, and with us, everyone can get access to quality treatment and mental help via text messages.

Is It Possible to Have an Online Chat With a Therapist?

We don’t offer instant online chat with professionals on our website. After you send a message with everything that’s on your mind, you will be able to receive an extensive and meaningful answer within a few hours. Our therapists work hard to help all our clients and leave everyone satisfied with the services provided.

Try Online Therapy

Here, at OpenTalk, we are always ready to support and guide you through the most challenging period in your life. Feel free to rely on us and get the professional help needed. Call us right now to find out more about this platform, fill in the registration form, and start using our services to improve your emotional well-being.

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