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Get in touch with the best industry specialists with our video therapy service. Schedule sessions and talk to a therapist in the most convenient form. Save time and money while receiving professional guidance and psychological support from our dedicated team of licensed experts who are here to help.

Online Video Therapy – What Is It?

Video therapy is something you desperately need to change your life for the better. We live in a hectic, stressful world and having a qualified person who will listen to all hurdles and provide you with effective advice is precious. Whereas in-person counseling is a pretty costly service that also requires you to sacrifice your free time to get to a doctor’s office, video chat at OpenTalk allows you to have a meaningful conversation without leaving your house or office.

Our team understands that being an adult is not easy, and time is the most important resource. We will never waste your time. Every minute of a session will be aimed at solving your emotional problems and giving you the inner comfort you are looking for.


Initial consultation

You need to have the initial consultation because it is through this that OpenTalk will be able to pair you with the best counselor. During the initial conversation, you will have to answer some questions openly.

Find your therapist

Once you have completed the initial consultation, the next thing is to find the right therapist based on your needs. The information collected in the initial consultation will be applied when finding your ideal therapist. You have the freedom to switch to another therapist if the one chosen for you initially does not meet your needs and expectations.

Start online therapy

From there, you can proceed to start your online therapy. You get to choose which means of communication is the best for you. Note that you will get the cost estimations before you start your therapy sessions. You also have to pay for the services upfront. Welcome to the consultation talk. Start messaging your interactive therapist anytime & anywhere.

How Does OpenTalk Video Chat Therapy Work?

Those clients who have already tried video sessions are completely satisfied with service quality and will never get back to face-to-face meetings again. Considering social distance restrictions, it will save you from potential health hazards and enable you to discuss your life problems in the most comfortable and safest environment.

Here are the reasons video therapy is the best solution for you to feel better:

  • you have life challenges and need some extra support or guidance to get through this period
  • you have symptoms of emotional illnesses
  • you want to try out counseling but don’t have enough time or financial resources
  • you are shy communicating about your problems in real life
  • you have poor therapist choice in your home city/town
  • you want to get in touch with an expert whenever you want

These are features that set us apart from regular psychological help. It’s the right time to try it out and become a better version of yourself.

Things to Know About Online Video Therapy

Before getting started with our services, we recommend getting familiar with the basic information you should know about video therapy.

Are These Services for Free?

You will get a chance to send unlimited text messages and schedule video sessions with a professional on a monthly subscription basis on our website. Once you complete the monthly payment, you will use all the services included in your plan. It’s very important to understand that online therapy is affordable and cheaper than in-person meetings with a therapist.

Is It Possible to Connect With a Therapist via Messages?

On our platform, you can have video therapy sessions and exchange messages with a professional assigned. Though responses are not instant, you still will be able to get answers to burning questions within a few hours only.

What Exactly Is Video Chat Therapy?

Video therapy is the type of psychotherapy that takes place online. You will have an online conversation with a specialist that imitates the real conversation and will receive quality treatment and support.

Is Online Video Therapy Can Help With Emotional Problems?

Video therapy is as effective as face-to-face meetings, as reported by our clients. We benefit from modern technologies and make this process more convenient and comfortable for you. The only difference with commonly known therapy is that you have sessions via your favorite gadget. No more need to leave your house or office to get in touch with an expert to solve your emotional problems.

Is Video Chat Therapy Less Expensive?

Considering that you will also save time and money on commuting to a counselor’s office, it will be another advantage of online services. We offer our clients the most reasonable pricing plans that everyone can afford. Pick the one that suits your needs and start improving your life.

For Whom Video Therapy Can Be a Perfect Choice?

This is a perfect choice for those who are uncomfortable seeing a therapist in real life or for those who are swamped with work and don’t have time to attend sessions. Besides, you can choose from a variety of qualified specialists from all over the country. Why limit yourself to local experts when you can join us?

Try Online Therapy

Our team works around the clock to provide you with quality service and customer support. You can always rely on us in case you are going through a tough period in your life. On our website, you will be able to meet only the most experienced licensed specialists with a personal, individualized approach to every client. Give us a call right now, so we give you additional information regarding the services to get started on our website as soon as possible. Don’t waste your time; fill in the form to connect with a therapist and make quality changes in your life.

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